President’s Message

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who supported me in my recent campaign for President of our club. Congratulations to Mark for the outstanding job he has done in this position over the past two years. Additionally, I want to thank each of the board members for agreeing to run for an additional year in your respective positions. Your election was assured by your past performance. I am looking forward to working with you.

Regarding this coming year’s activities, I expect to see a continuation of our monthly dinning out, the rally, the car show, and the Christmas Party, as the major events. I’m confident that Kathy and Dave will provide us with some additional fun.

The monthly meetings will be held at Schmitys. The exception to this will be when someone volunteers to have the gathering at their home, and I encourage anyone so inclined, to step up. Our pot luck dinners are always great!

I expect you are all as anxious as I am to get your Corvette back on the road again. Don’t forget to “Save the Wave.”

Dennis Schaper
RCC President

February 2016 Newsletter - January Meeting Notes

General Meeting: Attendance: Charlie & Carol Britten, Kathy & Dave Fontanini, Claude & Judy Mosley, Jim & Judy Rowley, Chuck & Sharon Zimmer, Mark & Mary Swingle, Tom Jerisha.

Meeting called to order.

Secretary’s Report: No meeting minutes from the October meeting were available to approve.

Treasurer’s Report: Chuck gave an update on the income/expenses on a spreadsheet that was distributed to the members for their review.

Governor’s Report: Thanks to Tom Jerisha for the 2016 RCC calendars. Great job!

Charlie reported that everything is up-to-date with NCCC…dues and voting proxy’s, etc.

A discussion was held on how to increase the participation of the RCC rally. This year’s rally will be held on June 5th. It was suggested that the rally, maybe, not be held this year. It was decided to give this further thought and discussion at another upcoming membership meeting.

Webmaster’s Report: No report.

Event Chairperson:
February 12th is the next RCC activity that will be held at Rocky’s in Stoddard.

The Historical Society is hosting a fundraiser at the Dahl Ford Museum on February 20th. Dave and Kathy are encouraging RCC members to join them at this fun event. Dave emailed flyers to all members and will also send out a reminder.

The ladies luncheon will be held on February 19th at 4 Sisters at 12:30pm.

God’s Country Car Show will be held on March 12th. Dave thought that if the guys wanted to attend, the ladies could join them for dinner afterwards. More details to come.

The March RCC membership meeting will be held at Dennis and Cyndy Schaper’s house. This will be a potluck with games in the afternoon starting at 3:00pm.

Discussion followed on the low attendance at some of the ride and dines last year and how to increase participation.

The June Dairy Days parade is on June 4th. Dennis will need to go and speak with Don Brenengen and ask him how important it is for the club to participate in this parade. The June Dairy Days parade is on Saturday and should not interfere with the rally as it is on Sunday the 5th.

The RCC car show will be held on July 16th.

Old Business:

New Business:
A discussion on how to grow the RCC membership was discussed, since quite a few members did not renew their membership.

The club needs to print more RCC brochures. Before printing more brochures, now is the time to review and update the brochure. Tom Stibbe has the digital copy and needs to have that emailed to Dennis so the Board can review it.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned.

The meeting minutes were respectfully submitted by Kathy Fontanini.

February Birthdays
Linda Hubert 2/3
Ramona Callender 2/12
Jim Rowley 2/18
James Hubert 2/24
Mavis Nicolai 2/25

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