President’s Message

The big news for March was the untimely and unfortunate passing of club member Ardie Schock. Ardie was the first member of the club to pass away while still an active member. I remember Ardie as being somewhat quiet but having a forceful personality. Indeed we see from his obituary that he was involved in many things beyond the Corvette Club. To work at Heilemans for 44 years, have your own small business as well, volunteer for all the major festivals, and be active in the Church, he had an extremely active life. Yet he and Susie still found time to participate in many club activities. Ardie will be missed.

The other news for March is, thanks to Charlie Britten and Brian Zenz, my 1966 Corvette is finished and ready to go. I plan on going to both Rudy’s on Tuesday’s and Dairy Queen on Saturday’s this year. I’d also like to take it up to Eau Claire car show and of course it will be at our car show. Also, Dennis ordered a new C7, Claude bought a very nice 1988, Tom J bought a 2010 ZR1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see that!

Our April outing will be our first Ride N’ Dine of the year. Hosted by myself and Mary. We will be meeting at the Onalaska Menard’s at 2:45 pm on April 12th, leaving at 3:00 pm. We have two places that we are going for this trip. Please RSVP me by April 5th. I will send out a reminder as well.

Mark Swingle
RCC President

Arden Schock

April 2014 Newsletter - March Meeting Notes

General Meeting: Attendance: Chuck & Carol Britten, Tom Jerisha, Ron & Ramona Callender, Jim & Judy Rowley, Claude & Judy Mosley, Mavis Nicolai, Dave & Kathy Fontanini, Mark & Mary Swingle, Phil Murray, Dennis & Cyndy Schaper, Mike & Cindi Carney, Tom & Mary Stibbe, John & Susan Gesslein and Jim Hubert.

Meeting called to order at 6:50 by President Mark Swingle.

President Mark S. announced that RCC member Ardie Schock passed away suddenly of a heart attack in March. April’s newsletter will be dedicated in his memory.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from last meeting were distributed. One correction was pointed out: the rally is in June not March as published in last month’s minutes.

Treasurer’s Report: The RCCC brick at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY was completed funded through private donations from club members. No club funds were required.

Governor’s Report: Everything for the June 8 Rally is on schedule.

Webmaster’s Report: All the rally information has been posted on the web site.

Event Chairperson:
1) April 12th will be our next Ride & Dine hosted by Mark & Mary S. Meet at the Onalaska Menards at 2:45 PM RSVP by April 5th.
2) April 7th Eau Clair Club Meeting - Mark S & Charlie B are planning to attend.
3) May 14th Brenengen Corvette Tech Talk at the Onalaska location. Detailing class will be held. Date still needs to be confirmed!
4) May 15th – 17th National Corvette Restoration Society will meet in Rochester, MN For more details contact Claude M who is a member of the Society.
5) May 17th Ride & Dine hosted by Tom J. The club will travel to the Eagle Viewing Center in Wabasha, MN with lunch at T Bones. Other stops along the way will be Lark Toy Museum, an Ice Cream Shop and a ride through Buffalo City.
6) May 31 West Salem Dairy Days Parade, first of the season.
7) June Ride & Dine will be hosted by Dave & Kathy F. September and October hosts are still needed. Let Mark S know if you want to host either of these.
8) July 19th Annual RCCC Classic & Custom Car Show at Brenengen West Salem.

Old Business:
1) Nine members attended the God’s Country Racing Auto Show March 8th with dinner at the Three Rivers Lodge.
2) The final RCCC brick paver order and adjacent personal pavers was placed by Tom S. The order was mailed the day the sink hole occurred at the museum.
3) Thanks to Tom S. for filling in as Activity Director during Dave & Kathy absence.

New Business:
1) Classic and Custom Car Show will be held July 19th ay Brenengen ’s West Salem dealership. The flying will feature a picture of last year’s People Choice Award Winner – Dennis Schmidtnect’s 65 Corvette.
2) Car Show committee consisting of Tom S, Jim H, Mark S. Dennis S, Mike C, Charlie B and a respresentate from the Boys & Girls Club will meet Wednesday April 4. Leslie Smith the Boys & Girls Club director has resigned.
3) Beater Rally was well attended and resulted in 5 perfect scores. The winners by the luck of the card draw were Ron & Ramona C. Thanks to Claude M for setting it up.
4) Tech Talk scheduled for May 14th still has not been confirmed due to Brenengen‘s personnel availability.
5) Mark S reported on 2014 Race Card sponsorship – Bill Martin $100.
6) There is now one open hotel reservation for the National Corvette Museum trip to Bowling Green, KY Labor Day weekend if anyone is still interested in going and has not made a reservation. Talk to Tom S.
7) We celebrated Tom S 61st birthday with cake.
8) Next Membership Meetings will be April 27th at Schmidty’s.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:44 PM by Mark S.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Callender,
RCC Secretary

April Birthdays
Carol Britten 4/1
Mark Swingle 4/30

Governor’s Report - April 2014

Thanks to Dave Fontanini, for letting us know of the passing of Arden Schock. This is a horrible news. They were such a great couple, I am glad we talked about how they met, how long they have been together, at the last meeting. It is a real shame that they were so active and fun and then to have him taken much too early. I guess we never know when that day will come. It reminds us all to live each day to the fullest. He is a good example for us all. Let’s get out there and drive, try new things. Take new roads.
Just like Ardie!!!
Go in peace.

Charlie Britten
RCC Governor

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