President’s Message

First I would like to thank Chuck and Sharon Zimmer for hosting the August meeting at their house in Onalaska. It was nice to have the monthly meeting at a member’s home. I will try to host a meeting at my house next year. My new garage is finished and I have plenty of room in the back yard. If anyone else would like to host a meeting please let me know.

The highlight of last month was the club’s trip to the National Corvette Museum for its 20th anniversary. Tom and Mary Stibbe, Charlie and Carol Britten, Tom Jerisha, Phil Murray, Dennis Schaper, Mary and I, along with Rocky and Ronni Heike from the Chippewa Valley Corvette club all went. The trip down and back went well with only one deviation from the intended route. My personal highlight was the ride around the new track. The pace car Charlie and I had in front of us went at good speed; much faster than you get to go at Road America. I tried to take as many pictures as possible, but I was busy hanging on to the car a lot of the time. The low light was the Badgers loss to LSU. They definitely had a chance to win the game. Tom J and Charlie have already posted quite a few pictures on the internet for us. We also went on a walking historical tour at Elizabethtown, Kentucky and to a Shaker Village at Auburn, Kentucky. Tom and Mary and Tom J also did a tour of Mammoth Cave. Another highlight for Charlie and me was the breastaurant at Clock Tower Resort in Rockford Illinois. It was called Tilted Kilt. Mary and Carol were less impressed. Although Mary thought the food was good. The young lady’s outfits were definitely better than Hooters. Mary asked our waitress if she was cold, she said she wasn’t, and it did not appear to me that she was.

The upcoming events for this month are Tom Jerisha’s second Ride n’ Dine of the year on September 13th. The Applefest car show on September 20th. The Oktoberfest car show on September 28th.

The monthly club meeting will be back at Schmidty’s on September 28th dinner at 5:30 meeting at 6:30. We will need nominations for the club board of directors, which will be voted on at the October meeting. For those members that have not served on the board, please consider it, it really isn’t that much extra work. We have a good group of people and I have found that there is not a lot of conflict to deal with. Also please pay your yearly dues by the October meeting.

Mark Swingle
RCC President

September 2014 Newsletter - August Meeting Notes

General Meeting: Attendance: Chuck & Carol Britten, Tom Jerisha, Ramona Callender, Dave & Kathy Fontanini, James & Linda Hubert, Mark & Mary Swingle, Dennis & Cyndy Schaper, Chuck & Sharon Zimmer, Claude & Judy Mosely, Jim Hinds, John & Susan Gesslein, Tom & Mary Stibbe, and Mike & Cindi Carney.

Meeting called to order at 6:18 by President Mark Swingle. At Chuck and Sharon Zimmer’s home in Onalaska.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from last meeting were distributed. No correction. Ramona Callender was acting secretary.

Treasurer’s Report: No report.

Governor’s Report: No activity to report.

Webmaster’s Report: John circulated a birthday list to update the web site.

Event Chairperson:
1) August 27th – September 1st - 20th Anniversary Corvette caravan to Bowling Green, KY.
2) September 12th Fall Corvette Adventures Wisconsin Dells Charlie & Mark has signed up for tour #5.
3) September 13th Ride & Dine hosted by Tom J Meet at Onalaska Menards at 2:45 PM. There will be 18 road changes.
4) September 28th Oktoberfest Show & Shine Car Show. Dave will need volunteers to man the Museum.
5) October 11th 34th Annual Fall Color Run.
6) October Ride & Dine hosted by Ron & Ramona. Barneveld Winery. No date set.

Old Business:
1) August 16th Ride & Dine was hosted by John & Sue G visited Esofea & Westby touring Branches Winery, Bad AXE Golf Course and Old Town Inn.
2) RCCC Classic & Custom Car Show results were presented by Tom S. 120 cars attended the show 100 were registered with another 10 club cars. Next year a registration fee will be charged. Show profit was $590.36. Motion by Mike C to give all profit to the West Salem Boys & Girls Club. Second by Mary S. Linda H amended the motion to donate $600 to the WSBGC. Motion carried. Tom S will not chair the event next year.
3) Constitution change was approved at last meeting. The club will now be able to hold raffles.

New Business:
1) Club officer nominations for next year will be open at our next meeting. Treasurer position will be open. Suggestion of combining the Secretary and Treasurer position was discussed.
2) Next meeting will be September 28 at5:30 PM at Schmidty’s.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 6:52 PM by Mark S.

Respectfully submitted,
Ramona Callender, Acting Club Secretary

September Birthdays
Susan Gesslein 9/13
Mary Stibbe 9/25

Governor’s Report - July 2014

Where did it all go? Summer I mean. No grass grew under my feet this summer as well as many of our group. Between the June 8 Rally (well attended- appreciate it everyone). The big truck show at work, to our night at Rudy’s to our most successful Car Show yet.

Don’t get me started on August…

Had the privilege of 2 trips to Road America, a great outdoor meeting, a trip to Bowling Green for the 20th Anniversary of the Corvette Museum as well as the Grand Opening of the NCM Raceway Park. Got to drive my Corvette at speed on the track! They put on a nice banquet and we went on side trips. All of this getting 27.3 mpg average, only in a Corvette!

I think I have seen license plates from nearly every state in the union this month. Listing them would be redundant.

I realized tonight that I have spent very little time relaxing on my deck and enjoying the truly wonderful weather we have enjoyed this month. Well, we are heading down the home stretch before winter punches our address in its GPS to find its way back to Wisconsin.

Before it gets here, well- go for it. Corvette Adventures, Ride N Dines, Fall Color Runs, Car Shows. Don’t slow down until the snow flies because it will last longer than we want. But that what makes us go strong all summer. Enjoy every nice day you can, don’t let them get away because before we know it the cover goes on and the trickle charge gets plugged in.

Enjoy the time we have left.

Charlie Britten
RCC Governor

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