President’s Message

Beautiful scenery and great (even smooth!) roads, thanks to Claude and Judy for their route and destination for the May Ride and Dine. Claude even added an unexpected hairpin turn at the end.

Corvettes have been in my blood for a long time, as have cars in general. I was reflecting back on that this past week when I saw the obituary for my grade school teacher who passed away at the age of 99. She taught all eight grades in a one room school in Barre Mills. How do cars enter into this? Well, I remember the day she drove in with a new 1956 black and white two door Belair Chevrolet. My Dad was always a Ford man and I might have been one too.... but that ‘56 Chev was so cool. Shortly after that I saw my first Corvette. You know how things stick in your mind never to be forgotten and you know where you were and when it happened, even when you are only eleven years old. We were driving into La Crosse on Highway 16 when I saw it ­ I wasn’t even sure what it was at first; Corvette sightings were pretty much unheard of in this area in 1956. Burned into my memory forever was a 1955 Corvette in the very rare color of Corvette Copper (of the 700 ‘55s built, only 15 were this color). I was smitten and GM has had me in their pocket ever since.

While we are dusting off memories, last week my mother, who is 94, was throwing away some old cards and letters when she came across some old Tribune newspaper clippings she had saved. From a 1976 issue came the following: “Dennis Schaper elected president of the River City Corvette Club.” Forty years ago!! Gee, I must have only been about 12 years old, right?!!

A big thank you goes out to Barry Blomquist for bringing his award winning ‘64 coupe to our tech night at Brenengens. Following Barry’s presentation, we adjourned to the Coulee Golf Bowl for some refreshments. As I was pulling into the lot, a young lad on a motor scooter turned around and followed me as I parked next to Barry’s car. “I was about to tell you what a neat car you have” said the lad, “until I saw this one” as he pointed at the ‘64. Thanks a lot, kid.

Speaking of neat cars, how about that 2016 Shark Gray coupe that just garnered a stall in the Zimmer garage. Well done, Chuck and Sharon!

Save the Wave! Dennis

Dennis Schaper
RCC President

June 2016 Newsletter - May Meeting Notes

General Meeting: Attendance: Mark & Mary Swingle, Dennis & Cyndy Schaper, Chuck & Carol Britten, Ron & Ramona Callender, Tom Jerisha, Chuck Zimmer, Dave & Kathy Fontanini, John Gesslein, James Hubert, Jon Cox and Jim & Judy Rowley.

Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM by President Dennis Schaper.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from the April 24, 2016 was distributed. No corrections were made.

Treasurer’s Report: Chuck presented the current balance sheet showing recent income and expenses.

Governor’s Report: Rally is on for June 5th. Cost is $40 per car / $20 for RCC members. Chuck has four out of town registration for the rally including someone from the NCCC District office in Chicago, IL. Members of the Eau Clair Corvette Club have expressed interest in participating. The rally will start at the Gazebo in Galesville again this year. It will be a very pretty ride.

Webmaster’s Report: John reported he had posted pictures from the latest Ladies Luncheon.

Event Chairperson:
1) Jun 4th – June Dairy Days Parade [Dave has the parade stuff from Mike Carney].
2) Jun 5th – RCC Rally Day Galesville, WI.
3) Jun 10th 12:30 PM Ladies Luncheon at the Farm House in Caledonia, MN.
4) July 12th – Rudy’s Drive In Car Show hosted by RCC 6:00 PM.
5) Jul 16th – RCC Car Show at Brenengen's West Salem.
6) July 24th – RCC Monthly meeting at the Zimmers.
7) Aug 21st – RCC Monthly meeting at the Callenders starting at 3:00PM.
8) Aug 26th and 27th – Vettes on the River in LeCaire, IA will be the Aug. Ride & Dine. Participants will leave Friday and stay overnight in Dubuque, IA, goes to the car show of Saturday and return home Saturday night.
9) Aug 26 – 28th NASCAR at Elkhart Lake.
10) Sept 24th – Ride & Dine Stibbe’s Cabin in Hayward, WI. This is a new date because of hotel availability.

Old Business:
1) May’s Ride & Dine on 14th hosted by the Mosley had 11 cars and 19 members participate. The group eat at Stunpy’s in Rushville, MN.
2) Brenengen Onalaska Tech Talk was held on the 18th. Barry Blomquist’s 64 C2 magazine and SEMA car was featured. Barry explained the history of the car and the process used to create a SEMA and magazine worthy show car.
3) Ladies Luncheon at Tom Sawyers on the 20th had 5 members participating.
4) Club brochure update was discussed. It was determined the latest version of the brochure is on Tom S’s computer. Dave & Kathy will update the Brochure when they get the old version from Tom S.

New Business:
1) Potential club member contacted us on face book and Kathy F directed them to the RCC web site. They were interested in joining by were not “40 + Members.” They have read the “40 + member” as they had to be 40+ years old. John will remove statement.
2) Mark S will be scheduling a Car Show meeting for the 1st or 2nd week of June.
3) Rudy’s Car Show on July 12th needs to have good RCC participation.
4) Car Show flyers were passed out for members to post around.
5) is a worldwide car event web site which now has our club events posted on it. Our events are also posted on Cool Happenings web site.
6) Jon C. asked about having RCC business cards to past out. Several members have made their own cards.
7) Judy Rowley thanked the club for the beautiful flowers sent to her after her knee surgery. She also suggested the club create a gift policy to define when / what / who / how much is spent. A policy will be presented next month. Once approved it will be added to the Bi-laws.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned by Dennis Schaper at 7:07 PM.

Next Meeting June 26th at Schmidty’s.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Callender,
RCC Secretary

June Birthdays
Dennis Schaper 6/2
Mary Swingle 6/5
Phil Murray 6/28

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