President’s Message

It was quite the storm on the South Side last night. It wouldn’t be a cruise night at DQ if it didn’t rain and cut the event short. We got caught in it on the way home from Piggy’s fortunately not in one of the vettes.

Tom Jerisha, Tom Stibbe, Jim Rowley and I were judges at the Pride and Polish truck show at River States Truck and Trailer on June 27th. It was a great show. I had a great time. Hopefully we will get invited to do it again next year. I did send Linda a thank you note mentioning it. I think Charlie particularly enjoyed the 16+ hour days he was putting in to make the show a success!

The July ride n’ dine will be hosted by Charlie and Carol Britten on July 12th. Charlie will provide the details. The very next day, July 13th, is our last parade; Catfish Days in Trempealeau. Mike Carney will provide the meeting place and time. After the parade we will be going to Wasson’s in Galesville. Then on Tuesday July 15th is our club night at Rudy’s Drive in. We will have three trophies, best Vette, Car Hop choice, and best Street Rod or Custom. If we want to do something else with that last trophy, I’m open to suggestions. Please try and make this event and encourage anyone you know with a classic car to come to it, as Gary Rudy the owner, has been somewhat disappointed with our car count at past events. Lastly for July will be our club car show at Brenengen Chevrolet on July 19th. There will be one more car show committee meeting at the West Salem dealership. Tom Stibbe will provide the details.

The proposed amendment to our constitution passed by unanimous vote at the June 22nd meeting. We will have a final vote ratifying the change to the constitution at the July 27th meeting. This will allow the club to apply for a class B raffle license to raise money for the Boy and Girls club. We won’t be able to use it this year, but we will have it for next year. Tom Stibbe is working with the Boys and Girls club to try and use their class A permit to do some kind of raffle for this year.

Lastly I got my computer fixed so I’m back on a modern machine.

Mark Swingle
RCC President

July 2014 Newsletter - June Meeting Notes

General Meeting: Attendance: Chuck & Carol Britten, Tom Jerisha, Ron & Ramona Callender, Dave & Kathy Fontanini, Claude & Judy Mosley, James Hubert, Jay Slind, Mavis Nicolai, Mark & Mary Swingle, Dennis & Cyndy Schaper, Tom & Mary Stibbe and Chuck Zimmer.

Meeting called to order at 6:40 by President Mark Swingle.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from last meeting were distributed. No corrections were noted.

Treasurer’s Report: Mavis review the checkbook no transaction since last meeting.

Governor’s Report: RCC Rally on June 8th was a big success with 11 total cars; 5 club members and 6 non-club members. Tom & Mary S. were the big winners. Thanks to Chuck & Claude for creating & running the event.

Webmaster’s Report: John was not present but reported the Car Show flyer is on the web site.

Event Chairperson:
1) July 12th Ride & Dine hosted by Chuck & Carol will leave from the Onalaska Menards at 2:15PM.
2) August Ride & Dine will be hosted by John & Sue G, September is still open and October will be hosted by Ron & Ramona which will be a private tour of the Botham Winery and side trip to the Shoe Box.
3) June 27th & 28th Show N Shine Truck Show at River States Trucking. Mark S, Tom S and Dennis S will be judges.
4) June 27th National “Drive your Corvette to Work Day”.
5) July 13th Trempealeau Catfish Days Parade. 2:00 PM parade start.
6) July 15th RCC will sponsor the Rudy’s Drive-In car show.
7) July 19th Annual RCC Classic & Custom Car Show at Brenengen West Salem.
8) July or August meeting will be held at Mavis’s cabin. Details later by Kathy. It will be dish to pass dinner.

Old Business:
1) May 31st 4 cars attended the Chippewa Valley Corvette car show.
2) June Dairy Days parade was attended by 5 cars.
3) June’s Ride & Dine hosted by Dave & Kathy had 6 cars attend.
4) Raffle permit application has been submitted by Tom S. but was rejected because the clubs purpose did not include “Charitable activities” .

New Business:
1) Mark S has proposed an amendment to the current club constitution to add to the club purpose “and charitable activities.” Seconded by Tom S. After discussion the motion was approved unanimously by hand vote. The second reading and vote will take place at our next regularly schedule club meeting in July. Only then will the club constitution be amended. This will not be in time for the Car Show.
2) Motion was made to have the West Salem Boys & Girls Club work to amend their raffle license to “B” to cover 50 /50 raffles.
3) Classic and Custom Car Show will be held July 19th at Brenengen’s West Salem dealership. Remodeling has been completed.
4) Car Show committee consisting of Tom S, Jim H, Mark S. Dennis S, Mike C, Charlie B and a respresentate from the Boys & Girls Club have met and will meet again.
5) Tom S discussed show details. More members will be needed as volunteers to run this year’s show.
6) Chicken Q prices were set at $8 for ¼ chicken and $10 for ½ chicken. No tickets will be used this year. Premier Catering will be used again this year.
7) Jim H will chair refreshments which will be donated so all proceeds can go to the WS Boys & Girls Club.
8) Silent Auction is still undecided. Contact Tom S. if interested.
9) Local paper ads will be placed at a cost of $49.
10) More pop up canopies are need with weights to hold then down in the wind.
11) Walkie - Talkies will be used to improve communications during the show.
12) Trophies have been ordered.
13) Fox TV will provide free advertising spot for the show through Brenengen.

Next Membership Meetings will be July 27nd at Schmidty’s.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:34 PM by Mark S.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Callender,
RCC Secretary

July Birthdays
Judy Mosley 7/21

Governor’s Report - July 2014

Hello All!

Sorry I haven’t sent a Governor’s Message for a while. I have been very busy with the Rally and work (keep snide comments to yourself!). I want to give a warm THANK YOU to the 10 NCCC Cars who turned out for our annual Rally in early June. We had a scenic ride through the Mindoro Cut and the back roads of WI. We appreciate the compliments on the great drive and the wonderful day competitors had. It’s because of you we will do the event again next year. We seem to be constantly on the lookout for new routes and roads. I have a very great team of people behind me pulling this off. Without them the event doesn’t work. Thank you to my team!

We have continued the tradition of grabbing the most successful duo and relying on them to help run the event. Recently we have had the pleasure of working with the Rowley’s but next year watch out! They plan on competing. The Stibbe’s who took 5 of 7 trophies this year have graciously volunteered to bow out. Help run the event and let the Rowley team take another run at it.

Again, we thank all the competitors. We all worked very hard on the event and hope it shows. Next year will be a whole new route. New questions and new competitor and we hope you show up as well.
The competition is fair, fun and friendly.
As well as my team.
Each year we learn more and plan on incorporating all the nuggets we turned over this year.
Thanks again to those who competed!!
Looking forward to a great 2015.

Charlie Britten
RCC Governor

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