Presidentís Message

First I would like to thank Dennis and Cyndy Schaper for hosting this monthís meeting at their house. It is always a fun time.

The weather was pretty nice for one weekend. I managed to get both cars out. Unfortunately we went back to winter last Sunday evening.

We do need to have a Brenengen car show committee meeting soon. I would like to propose Monday April 6th at 6:30 at Ardies Restaurant. I donít think that we need to include Don Brenengen at this one. We can meet with him at the next meeting. Committee members; please let me know as soon as possible whether you can attend this meeting. If Monday does not work, then I can do pretty much any day that week. I do have Blue Moon Catering supplying the food this year. While we probably will not share in the profits, there will be no issues with food service sanitation this year. We will charge an entry fee of five dollars which will hopefully make up the difference.

Judy and Claude talked about doing the April Ride ní Dine although nothing is set yet.

I will have to confirm that May 20th will be our Tech Talk at Brenengen Chevrolet. I will have to confirm that with Don Brenengen. Dennis if you could confirm that date with Barry, that would be great.

Also the ladies luncheon is April 17th.

Mark Swingle
RCC President

April 2015 Newsletter - March Meeting Notes

General Meeting: Attendance: Mark & Mary Swingle, Dennis & Cyndy Schaper, Chuck & Carol Britten, Ron & Ramona Callender, Dave & Kathy Fontanini, Claude & Judy Mosley, Tom Jerisha, Mike Carney, John & Susan Gesslein, and Jim & Judy Rowley.

Meeting called to order at 6:09 by President Mark Swingle.

Secretaryís Report: Minutes from last meeting were distributed. No corrections noted.

Treasurerís Report: Chuck has given report to Mark. Received Brenengen check.

Governorís Report: Work on June 8th Rally has begun.

Webmasterís Report: Reminder to members submitting reports to be placed on RCC web site do not include any phone numbers or addresses. Members can look this information up on the Members only section of the web site.

Event Chairperson:
1) Ride & Dine Host for April, June and August still open.
2) April 14th trip to Chippewa Valley Corvette Club meeting at Avalon Restaurant in Chippewa Falls. Tom S and Mark S will attend. Leave at 4:00 PM. Contact Mark S if you would like to attend meeting also.
3) April 17th RCC Ladies Luncheon at Cafe De íVine at 12:30PM. Cafe De ĎVine is located near the Treehouse in Onalaska. Contact Mary S if you have questions.
4) April 26th Beater Rally at 3:30PM prior to monthly meeting. Start and end at Schmidtyís Restaurant.
5) May 20th Tech Talk at Brenengen Onalaska Dealership. Will go over technology in the Z06 Corvettes featuring Barry Blomquistís Z06.
6) May 30th Eau Clare Car Show.
7) June 6th June Diary Days Parade in West Salem.
8) July 11th 1st Annual Corvette Cure Car Show in Mason City, IA.
9) September Lake Geneva Trip including the Volo Car Museum.

Old Business:
1) March 7th Godís Country Racing Car Show. Eight members attended the car show with diner afterwards.
2) March 16th RCC Ladies Luncheon 12:30 at Java Vino La Crosse.
3) March 22 March meeting at Dennis & Cyndy S. Home. Thank you for hosting.
4) RCC Car Show July 17th committee is starting to meet and plan for this yearís show. Completing the advertisement is the most important item to complete now.
5) Brenengen Maintenance agreement has been completed. Invoice pricing on new corvette, 25% off cash & carry parts, $10 off oil change, Rewards program to save on repairs.

New Business:
1) Do we want to do more than one parade this year? The consensus was at least one more.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 6:37 PM by Mark S.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Callender,
RCC Secretary

April Birthdays
Carol Britten 4/1
Mike Peterson 4/4
Mark Swingle 4/30

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