President’s Message

Spring again! Put away the snowblower and get out the Corvette. Nine of them were out last Saturday when Dave and Kathy Fontanini led us on a most enjoyable Ride and Dine, the first of the year, ending up on St. Joseph Ridge. It was my first drive on the resurfaced part of Hwy 33. Almost forgot what it was like riding on smooth pavement, unless of course you count driving on the roundabouts, which seems to be where our highway funds go. Ah, well, enough from the grumpy old man

Once again, Brenengen’s Chevrolet has agreed to be our club sponsor. As a club member you are entitled to the following perks from the dealership.
* New Corvette purchase at invoice pricing, in stock or order out, subject to availability. Unique or special editions excluded. When a dealer trade is involved, the buyer will be responsible for transportation costs.
* 25% discount on GM and non-GM Corvette parts and accessories from the parts department for carry out only.
* A $10.00 discount with any full service oil changes. Examples:
Mobil 1 Synthetic, six quarts, filter, currently $72.37 - $10.00 = $62.37
GM Dexos Semi-synthetic, six quarts, filter, currently $39.94 - $10.00 = $29.94
* Brenengen will waive up to $250.00 insurance deductable on Corvette auto body repair exceeding $3,000.00

Coming up next month is our annual Tech Talk evening at Brenengens. This is your opportunity to pick the brain of the technicians with any questions you have about your Corvette. Dave Fontanini suggested more information be provided on replacement of fluids since our cars are parked for extended periods of time over the winter months. If you have any other questions or concerns about your car for the technician, please send them to me, as they like to have them in advance.

See you at the next meeting, April 23rd - remember it’s pot luck at the Schaper residence, 1841 Putter Court, Onalaska. Turn off of Main Street into Green Coulee by the Coulee Golf Bowl, go two tenths of a mile, turn left on Putter Court. 1841 is at the end of the cul-de-sac.

Save the Wave.

Dennis Schaper
RCC President

April 2017 Newsletter - March Meeting Notes

General Meeting: Attendance: Ron & Ramona Callender, Tom Jerisha, Charlie & Carol Britten, Kris Kinder, Dave & Kathy Fontanini, Jim & Judy Rowley, Mark & Mary Swingle, Tom & Mary Stibbe, Dennis & Cyndy Schaper, James & Linda Hubert and Marvin Braund.

Meeting called to order at 6:45 PM by President Dennis Schaper.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from January 22 were presented. Thank you Kathy F. for doing the minutes for the January meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Chuck Z was not present but provide the report prior to the meeting. Charlie was given two checks to deposit in the account. One from Brenengen and one from Rotary Lights.

Governor’s Report: No official report. Rally route is being worked on. Maybe the route will go into Minnesota.

Webmaster’s Report: No report.

Event Chairperson:
1) April 8th – April Ride & Dine hosted by Dave & Kathy. Details to follow.
2) April 20th – Ladies “Dinner” at Love Child at 6:00 PM – Hosted by Mary S.
3) April 23rd – RCC Monthly Meeting will be at Dennis Schafer’s Home.
4) May 17th – Brenengen Tech Talk. Topic Maintenance for the corvettes not being driven a lot during the driving season.
5) June 3rd – June Diary Days Parade.
6) June 8th – Chuck Z. Retirement Party at Cedar Creek Golf Course.
7) June 24th – Cars in the Park in Rockland.
8) July 15th – RCC Car Show at Brenengen’s in West Salem.

Old Business:
1) Winter is over!!!

New Business:
1) Brenengen Sponsorship Contract has been signed. It was suggested the contract be posted in the Members only section of the Web Site.
2) Dick Leader gave Dennis a VCR tape of the RCC rally from 1984 or 1985. Jim R took the tape to view.
3) RCC Car Show on July 15th - Mark S. chairperson.
a) Posters printed

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned by Dennis s at 7:18 PM.

Next Meeting April 23th Potluck at Dennis & Cindy S. Home.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Callender,
RCC Secretary

April Birthdays
Carol Britten 4/1
Mike Peterson 4/4
Mark Swingle 4/30

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John Gesslein

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