President’s Message

Well, it happened again. A few years ago I was driving my (at that time) supersonic blue Grand Sport on Highway 16, out by the mall on a beautiful summer afternoon. Window down; just enjoying it. When I came to a red stop light, I happened to be the first car in line on the outside lane. Pulling up next to me on the inside lane was a city bus. Noticing a movement to my left, I was surprised to see the door of the bus open who in the world would be getting out in the middle of the four lane?! No one; but the driver sat there with a big grin and said “When I grow up, I want to be just like you!” A couple of weeks ago, it was deja vu all over again, when another bus driver opened the door and gave me a big thumbs up. Things like that make you realize how fortunate we are to be driving America’s sportscar. In fact, some folks like them well enough to abscond with someone else's. When we lived in NY, our neighbor at the end of the block had his C4 disappear forever from his driveway. A break in at the home of a couple I know from Chicago (at the time) provided a bonus for the burglar. Unable to gain access through the doors, he resorted to plan B just break a window. Since no one was home, once he had the jewels, and had plenty of time, he looked out in the garage JACKPOT!! A brand new 2005, machine gray Corvette convertible with keys. Then his luck took a bit of a skid as one of the neighbors was suspicious of the crook mobile he had arrived in, and took down the license number. Nine days later, the boys in blue find out the bad guy dude has a court date for another burglary, so they go to the courthouse to have a chat with him. What does he drive up in but a silver C6. So much for the denial part of the conversation. In what GM might have used for a testimonial, he tells the cops it was the best car he had ever driven and that he liked it so well, he had even washed it. Anyway, the engine was broken in when they got it back, as he had put on 1,400 miles in nine days, which got him a sentence of four years in the can. A likely candidate for a dumb crook award.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Dairy Days Parade, and kudos to Charlie on the layout and execution of another successful rally. Congratulations to the winners. July will be another busy month starting out with Mark and Mary’s ride and dine on the 9th, followed by RCC night at Rudy’s Drive In on July 12th. We are holding our annual car show at Brenengen’s Chevrolet in West Salem on July 16th. Please let Mark Swingle or me know if you are able to help out.

Happy Birthday! Did you know that on June 30, 1953, the first Corvette came off the assembly line. In 2008, the US House of Representatives passed a resolution that June 30th would annually be known as “National Corvette Day.” And you thought our politicians didn’t do anything.

See you at the next meeting on the 24th at Ron and Ramona’s house.

Save the Wave! Dennis

Dennis Schaper
RCC President

July 2016 Newsletter - June Meeting Notes

General Meeting: Attendance: Dennis & Cyndy Schaper, Ron & Ramona Callender, Tom Jerisha, Chuck Zimmer, Claude & Judy Mosley, John & Susan Gesslein, James & Linda Hubert, Jon Cox and Tom & Mary Stibbe.

Meeting called to order at 6:44 PM by President Dennis Schaper.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from the May 22, 2016 meeting were not distributed. Ron distributed the April meeting minutes by mistake. The May and June minutes will be reviewed at the July meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Chuck presented the current balance sheet showing recent income and expenses.

Governor’s Report: No report.

Webmaster’s Report: John reported he had updated the RCC information page to not read 40+ members which someone interpreted meaning you have to be 40+ years old the join. The 40+ was referring the size of the club being over 40 members.

Event Chairperson:
1) Jun 28th -RCC Car Show committee meeting at Brenengens West Salem dealership at 6:00 PM.
2) July 1st - Ray & Diana Miedema Party at their home W5845 County Road W. Several RCC members plan to attend.
4) July 9th - Ride & Dine hosted by Mark & Mary S.
5) July 12th - Rudy’s Drive In Car Show hosted by RCC 6:00 PM.
6) July 15th - Ladies Luncheon Mary S will send out details.
7) Jul 16th - RCC Car Show at Brenengen's West Salem.
8) July 24th - RCC Monthly meeting at Callender’s starting at 3:300 PM. It will be a Mexican Fiesta details to be send by email.
9) Aug 21st - RCC Monthly meeting at the Zimmer's.
10) Aug 26th and 27th -Vettes on the River in LeCaire, IA will be the Aug. Ride & Dine. Participants will leave Friday and stay overnight in Dubuque, IA, goes to the car show of Saturday and return home Saturday night.
11) Aug 26 - 28th - NASCAR at Elkhart Lake.
12) Sept 24th – Ride & Dine Stibbe’s Cabin in Hayward, WI.

Old Business:
1) RCC Rally held on June 5th had 11 cars with 22 participants. The Rally started in Galesville and ends in Fountain City.
2) June Dairy Days Parade had 7 cars participate.
3) Ladies Luncheon at eh Caledonia Farm House had 6 Ladies participate.

New Business:
1) Tom & Mary S. presented details for the Sept 24th Ride & Dine at their cabin in Hayward. Start Saturday at 9:00 AM at Onalaska Kwik Trip at South Hyw 35 & Troy Road. Arrive Hayward at 1:00 visit Hayward’s Fall Festival dinner to follow at Tom & Mary’s Cabin. Hotel: Comfort Suites on Lake Hayward. Block on rooms reserved at $135 / night. Call 715-634-0700 or
2) Dennis listed area Cruise Nights:
    a) Dairy Queen Onalaska every Saturday night.
    b) Purple Cow & Sweetshop Bangor Wednesday night check web site.
    c) Big Boar West Salem check web site.
    d) River City Park Thursday Night Concert in late August featuring “The Executives” You can park your Corvette on the lawn at River Side Park.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned by Dennis Schaper at 7:14 PM.

Next Meeting July 24th at the Callender’s.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Callender,
RCC Secretary

July Birthdays
Judy Mosley 7/21

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