President’s Message

Well, I finally acquiesced. I now have a front license plate on the Grand Sport, let me tell ya, it ain’t pretty. Did I get a ticket you ask, no. Did I get a warning, well kinda, but not from the local constabulary, but rather from some fellow Corvette owners. Three of them received warnings in the past two weeks; two from the state patrol and one from the La Crosse city police. The reason for the enforcement, given to one of these who was stopped, has to do with the new method of monitoring who is parking in the ramp. It reads the plate when a vehicle is driven in to determine how much you pay to get out. The odds that I would ever park in the ramp - pretty slim

Anyway, I figured it’s done with and I suppose I’ll get used to it; I didn’t say I’d like it, but it eliminates some of the angst when meeting an officer of the law on the road.

I big thank you goes out to Ron and Ramona for giving us a taste of Thanksgiving in August. That was some of best turkey I’ve ever had. I’ve said it before, the potluck meals beat out the restaurant every time.

Tom Jerisha did a great job researching and presenting the club apparel options. If you haven’t taken a look at the web site, please do so.

It’s hard to believe that here we are in September already and it’s just flying by; there are a couple of things to be thinking about this month. Next years officers for the club is one, and another is the fact that we are hitting another milestone year - 45 years since the clubs inception. If you have ideas, bring them to the meeting for discussion.

Although we had another commitment that day, I understand Dave and Kathy’s ride and dine was enjoyed by all who went to Jake's Northwoods Restaurant in Sparta. How do you keep finding these places I’ve never been to?? I understand that Jon Cox showed up with his new set of wheels. Jon made the jump from a C4 to a white C6 coupe, congratulations on that. Wow, new house, new car, what next Jon?

The next ladies luncheon is scheduled for Thursday, September 21st at Le Chateau. The monthly club meeting will be held at Schmidty’s restaurant on Sunday, September 24th, see you there.

Save the Wave!!


Dennis Schaper
RCC President

September 2017 Newsletter - August Meeting Notes

General Meeting: Attendance: : Ron & Ramona Callender, Tom Jerisha, Charlie & Carol Britten, Dave & Kathy Fontanini, Jim & Judy Rowley, Mark & Mary Swingle, Tom & Mary Stibbe, Dennis & Cyndy Schaper, Claude & Judy Mosley, Bill & LeAnn Conrad, Chuck Zimmer and John & Susan Gesslein.

Meeting called to order at 6:37 PM by President Dennis Schaper.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from the July 23rd meeting was presented. Correction: Meeting minute date on top should be July 23 not June 25.

Treasurer’s Report: Chuck Z presented the check book balance and reviewed all the Car Show deposits and out lays. In the end the check book balance is basically the same as before the Car Show.

Governor’s Report: Charlie’s report was “Good.”

Webmaster’s Report: John reported the domain name and service provider fee will be due for renewal next month.

Event Chairperson:
1) September 5th & 6th Mississippi Mayhem Car Show in West Salem.
2) September 9th Ride & Dine hosted by Dave & Kathy details to follow.
3) September 17th – Dennis S. Car Show at the Octagon House in West Salem from 11 to 2 PM featuring 1932 and old vehicles.
4) September 22nd – Ladies Dinner at Le Chateau on Cass Street at 5:00 PM.
5) October 1st – Oktoberfest Car Show at Value Ford Dealership in West Salem.
6) October 8th – Chippewa Valley Corvette Club joint Ride & Dine. Meet at Noon at Jefferson’s Restaurant in Winona at Noon. Tom J will lead the group.
7) October 13th & 14th – Suburban Fall Color Run.

Old Business:
1) August Ride & Dine hosted by Charlie & Carol went to the Northwood Brew Pub in Osseo. Nine cars and 17 people participated.
2) RCC received a thank you letter from the West Salem Boys & Girls Club for our donations from the RCC Car Show.
3) Mavis is now at Brookdale Care Center Room #15.
4) Jim R will get name tags for the new members.
5) Thanks to Ron & Ramona for hosting at their home the August meeting.

New Business:
1) Next year is the club’s 45th anniversary. Think about what we want to do to celebrate this milestone.
2) New RCC attire was presented by Tom J. styles available and how to order was presented.
3) Oktoberfest Car Show representative Dave F made a motion to make equal monetary donations to each of the four Car Show charities: Boys & Girls Club; WAFER new “Food Delivery Truck”; Freedom Flight; Big Brothers/ Big Sisters. Motion seconded by Tom J motion carried. Mark S will present the RCC trophy at the Car Show.
4) Annual RCC calendar print quantity was discussed. 40 copies will be print just like in past years.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned by Dennis s at 7:38 PM by President Dennis S.

Next Meeting will be September 24th at Schmidty’s.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Callender,
RCC Secretary

September Birthdays
Susan Gesslein 9/13
Mary Stibbe 9/25

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