President’s Message

Kudos to Tom Jerisha for taking the initiative to set up a joint venture with the Chippewa Valley Corvette Club for our end of the year Ride and Dine. Thirty Corvettes made an impressive sight at the Jefferson Pub and Grill parking lot in Winona on Sunday. RCC had a great turn out with 14 cars, our best in quite some time. Following lunch, we traveled on to Lark Toys, where there are many things to discover. We continued on to our next stop in Nelson for ice cream, after which we headed home on the Wisconsin side of the river. A couple of the drivers got lucky, as the civilian traffic was slowing them down and they decided to pass - quickly - which put them somewhat over the local speed limit. They soon found themselves behind another car going slower than they were, but this time they were unable to pass. This proved to be fortunate as a county mountie was parked around the next corner taking pictures, and not the kind you want to be featured in. The gods of speed were smiling on those Corvettes that day, as the whole radar scene was repeated AGAIN twenty miles down the road!! Once again, tickets were avoided. Whew.

Here’s a news flash for you, in case you haven’t heard it: GM plans to phase out gas engines - forever. Currently offering one extended range electric vehicle (EV), the Chevy Bolt, GM plans to add two more in the next 18 months and to have at least 20 in their lineup by 2023. That’s only six years away, folks. So, what about those of us who savor the sound of a V8 rumbling under the hood? What’s left, a clothespin with a playing card flapping against the spokes? On the plus side, with all those EVs running around, there will be more dinosaur juice left for the gas burners. I’m sure Chevrolet will have plenty of things to keep the Corvette exciting as we wait for the new ZR1, the mid-engine C8, and a Corvette EV. I took our 1911 Rauch & Lang electric to the Ford Model T & A show in September and many people there had no idea that electric cars dated back to the 1800s. What goes around comes around, right?

Only a month away from our end of the year party (November 18th at the Freighthouse); where has the year gone. Almost time to start thinking about Corvette hibernation and tuning up the snowblower. Take advantage of the warm days remaining with a drive whenever you get the chance; April is a long way off.

Our next meeting is October 22nd at Schmidty’s Restaurant, when we will be voting for next year’s club officers. Just a reminder that membership dues are due at that time, so bring your checkbook.

Save the Wave!


Dennis Schaper
RCC President

October 2017 Newsletter - September Meeting Notes

General Meeting: Attendance: : Ron & Ramona Callender, Tom Jerisha, Charlie & Carol Britten, Dave & Kathy Fontanini, Tom & Mary Stibbe, Dennis & Cyndy Schaper, Bill Conrad, Jim & Judy Rowley, Chuck & Sharon Zimmer, John Cox and Emily & Peter Klug [new members].

Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM by President Dennis Schaper.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from the August 27th meeting was presented. Correction: Oktoberfest car show will be at the Old Valley View Ford dealership not the “Value Ford” Dealership.

Treasurer’s Report: Chuck Z presented the check book balance which has not changed since last month’s report.

Governor’s Report: Club dues are due at next month’s meeting. Single $35; Couple $45. Checks payable to River City Corvette Club.

Webmaster’s Report: Not present no report.

Event Chairperson:
1) October 1st – Oktoberfest Car Show at Old Value View Ford Dealership now the LineX business in West Salem.
2) October 8th – October Ride & Dine with the Chippewa Valley Corvette Club. Meet the Chippewa Valley Corvette Club at Noon at Jefferson’s Restaurant in Winona. Claude will lead the group. RCC will meet at the I-90 Dresbach Rest Stop. Meeting time TBD. Ride will include a visit to Lark Toy and The Creamery in Nelson for ice cream.
3) October 13th & 14th – Suburban Fall Color Run Cruise leaves Rowe Park on Saturday at 10:00 AM. $20 per person and $12 per person for lunch.
4) Oct. 20th – Ladies Luncheon at the Waterfront at 12:30 PM.
5) Nov. 18th – End of Year Party at The Freight House Cocktails at 5:00 PM Dinner at 6:00 PM. Club will provide desert. Optional gift exchange will be held again this year. $20 to $25 gift limit.
6) Nov. 24th – Rotary Lights Parade Meet at 5:30 PM in the Wells Fargo Parking lot.

Old Business:
1) Peter & Emily Klug introduced themselves to the club. They own a 1982 Collector Edition, 1998 Coupe and a 2000 convertible.
2) Thank you Ron & Ramona for hosting the August Meeting at their home.
3) September Ride & Dine was hosted by Dave & Kathy F. They went to Jack’s Northwood’s in Sparta. Sixteen members with 10 cars participated.
4) Name tags for new members have been ordered by Jim R.
5) Mary Stibbe visited Mavis and she is doing better and enjoys company. Mary Stibbe will be visiting her again soon if you would like to go with her the visit Mavis.

New Business:
1) Letter was received from the West Salem Boys & Girls Club informing us Mac has left the club for another local opportunity.
2) Board nominations for 2018:
  a. President - Chuck Z.
  b. Vice-President –Bill C.
  c. Secretary – Ron C.
  d. Treasurer – Kris K.
  e. Activities – Dave & Kathy F.
  f. Webmaster – John G.
  g. Governor – Charlie B.
3) Sharon Z thanked the club for the flowers given to her following surgery

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned by Dennis s at 7:11 PM by President Dennis S.

Next Meeting will be October 22nd at Schmidty’s.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Callender,
RCC Secretary

October Birthdays
LeAnn Conrad 10/21
Steve Mace 10/28
Kris Kinder 10/29

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