President’s Message

Thanks to Dennis Schaper for agreeing to become club President.

The driving season is coming to an end. We have two more club events before our December break.

The holiday party will be held at Freight House restaurant on November 21st. On November 22nd we will be down at Riverside Park decorating our Rotary Lights Christmas Tree. On November 27th we will participate in the Rotary Lights Parade.

Mark Swingle
RCC President

William A. Bernacchi
RCC Logo Designer

November 2015 Newsletter - October Meeting Notes

General Meeting: Attendance: Mark & Mary Swingle, Dennis & Cyndy Schaper, Chuck & Carol Britten, Ron & Ramona Callender, John Gesslein, Claude & Judy Mosley, Mike & Cindi Carney, Dave Fontanini, Jim & Judy Rowley, Tom & Mary Stibbe and Phil Murray.

Meeting called to order at 6:35 PM by President Mark Single.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from last meeting were distributed.

Treasurer’s Report: No Report.

Governor’s Report: Charlie voted today for NCCC director. Annual dues have been collected from almost everyone.

Webmaster’s Report: John G reported there have been access problems with the web page hosting service. Everything is OK now. During the web site access issue John sent the Newsletter as a PDF file to all members.

Event Chairperson:
1) Oct 4th - October Fest Car Show Dahl Museum Event was a big success and raised $13,200 for the designated charities. The funds raised come from Event Corporate sponsors, show admissions, refreshments sales and silent action proceeds.
2) Nov 21st - Annual End of Year Party at the Freight House. Cocktails 5:30 PM Dinner 6:00 PM Club will provide Desert or after dinner drink. The Freight House will have live music that night. Gift Exchange will be held again this year. If you want to participate in the gift exchange bring a good gift [No Gages] in the $20 range. Invitation will be sent out shortly.
3) Nov 22nd - Rotary Lights Tree decorating. Contact Mary Swingle for details.
4) Nov 27th - Rotary Light Parade. Meet at3:00 PM at Western Technical College 400 Seventh Street Parking Lot D. Dinner following the parade at Three Rivers Lodge.
5) Jan 15 - Ladies Luncheon at the Charmant Hotel – former Ross Furniture building.
6) Jan / Feb - Rocky’s Friday Night Fish Ride & Dine. Date to be picked later.
7) Dave thanked all the Ride & Dine Hosts and encouraged everyone to consider hosting next year.

Old Business:
1) October Ride & Dine Hosted by Tom J. on Oct 24th. Seven cars with 12 members participated. Branches Winery was visited with dinner at Rocky’s.
2) 2016 meeting location will remain at Schmidty’s.
3) Meeting time for 2016 will be 5:50PM Dinner 6:30PM meeting.
4) Hunger Task Force Collection - donation was received.

New Business:
1) Nominations for 2016 Club officers were:
    a) President – Dennis Schaper
    b) Vice President – Jim Rowley
    c) Secretary – Ron Callender
    d) Treasurer – Chuck Zimmer
    e) Governor – Charlie Britten
    f) Sergeant-at-Arms – Cyndy Schaper
    g) Web Master – John Gesslein
    h) Activities – Dave & Kathy Fontanini
Motion made by Ron C to “Cast a unanimous vote for all the officers nominated.” Seconded by Carol B. Motion passed on voice vote.
2) Bill Bernacchi – Passed away Oct 23. He was a RCC Past President and creator of our current River City Corvettes Logo.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned by Mark Swingle at 7:30PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Callender,
RCC Secretary

November Birthdays
Kathy Fontanini 11/7
Tom Jerisha 11/25
Cindy Carney 11/30

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John Gesslein

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