President’s Message

Great food and camaraderie, with almost the entire club membership present - that was our April meeting. And we even had a learning event when Susan enlightened us on the making of a root beer float without it foaming up and running over the side of the glass, unless you are making it for Ramona, who likes the foam. We also welcomed our newest members, Bill and LeAnn Conrad, who showed up in their 2017 red Grand Sport coupe - sweet! They live in Winona and this is their first Corvette, and they are lovin’ it.

Every time I start my car I’m amazed at the technology, not only does it tell me the simple things like when to change the oil, and what the tire pressure is, but it even knows how often I accelerated with a bit of extra vigor and how hard I hit the brakes. That kind of information could be troublesome to a teenager lucky enough to get dad’s permission to take the Corvette for a spin. Back in my day, there was no worry about the car being an informant. About the only evidence of abuse of the family chariot was the mileage. When I was in high school, I knew a guy who was smitten with a maiden who, much to his dismay, moved to Coon Valley, which may as well have been the other side of the world. When he mentioned that he needed the car to go see her, the reaction from his dad was less than enthusiastic, something like “that’s too damn far.” He checked the odometer to emphasise his point that there would be consequences. Well, the temptation was too strong and it was pretty easy to disconnect the speedometer cable on that ol’ Ford. Fortunately for him, his unauthorized trip was never discovered, and I never saw her again after that night. Father did know best, and besides, it took too much gas.

I expect most everyone has had the opportunity to put some miles on their pride and joy by this time (unless you bought a new motorhome and are traveling around the country for the entire month!). How great is that. Tom Jerisha has this month’s ride and dine on Saturday the 13th and has invited everyone to go on a three river dinner cruise. Also, remember to get your questions in for “Tech Talk” at Brenengens in Onalaska on May 17th.

With these Spring rains, I’ve been seeing quite a few dead toads on the road when I take my morning walk down the coulee. Cyndy says it’s because they chase cars……..I dunno - maybe.

Next meeting at Schmidtys, May 21st.

Save the Wave!


Dennis Schaper
RCC President

May 2017 Newsletter - April Meeting Notes

General Meeting: Attendance: Ron & Ramona Callender, Tom Jerisha, Charlie & Carol Britten, Kris Kinder, Dave & Kathy Fontanini, Jim & Judy Rowley, Mark & Mary Swingle, Tom & Mary Stibbe, Dennis & Cyndy Schaper, James & Linda Hubert, John & Susan Gesslein, Claude & Judy Mosley, Mavis Nicolai, Chuck & Sharon Zimmer, John Cox and new members Bill & LeAnn Conrad.

Meeting called to order at 6:13 PM by President Dennis Schaper.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from the March 26th meeting was presented with no corrections.

Treasurer’s Report: Chuck Z was not present but provide the report prior to the meeting. Charlie was given two checks to deposit in the account. One from Brenengen and one from Rotary Lights.

Governor’s Report: Charlie had no new information to report.

Webmaster’s Report: John reported emails using the server where not going through. He placed a trouble ticket and the issue was resolved.

Event Chairperson:
1) May 3th – May Ride & Dine Hosted by Tom G. 10:30 AM Kwik Trip La Crescent South [Cass Street Bridge] Travel to The Branding Iron. The trip will take about 5 hours.
2) May 17th - Brenengen Tech Talk. Topic Maintenance for the corvettes not being driven a lot during the driving season. Refreshments at Coulee Golf Bowl following Tech Talk.
3) May 26th – Ladies Luncheon 12:30 Mary to send out details.
4) June 3rd – June Diary Days Parade & Chippewa Falls Car Show.
5) June 4th – Diary Days Car Show.
6) June 8th – Chuck Z. Retirement Party at Cedar Creek Golf Course.
7) June 10th – June Ride & Dine Hosted by the Callenders.
8) June 16th – Ladies Luncheon at the Farm House.
9) June 17th – Ride for the Wrestlers organized by Mark Foster Open to all cars Starts in Stoddard. Dennis has details,
10) June 24th – Cars in the Park in Rockland.
11) July 15th – RCC Car Show at Brenengen’s in West Salem.

Old Business:
1) April Ride & Dine hosted by Dave & Kathy went to The Ridge at St. Josephs Ridge. Nine cars and 11 RCC members participated.
2) RCC Car Show update was given by Mark S. Everything is set. There will be an organization meeting before the show. Mark will send out details. Big Boar will be catering the show.

New Business:
1) New members Bill & LeAnn Conrad were welcomed to the club.
2) RCC annual calendar - Tom G asked what type of pictures should be included in next year’s calendar. Several suggests were given.
3) Thank you Dennis and Cyndy for hosting Aprils’ meeting.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned by Dennis s at 6:49 PM.

Next Meeting May 21st at Schmidty’s.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Callender,
RCC Secretary

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