President’s Message

GOOD LORD!! It can’t be time to start thinking about checking anti-freeze again?! Yes, I’m afraid that if we had an hourglass to measure the seasons, we would be running low on sand (isn’t Corvette Season an actual season?). Our automobile related events are coming to an end for another year. No more Tuesdays at Rudys and only a few more Saturday nights at the Dairy Queen. If the final night at the Dairy Queen is like last year it is a good one to get to - they had a band and lots of door prizes. We do have the Oktoberfest car show coming up on October 2nd, and that always brings out some nice iron. Speaking of car shows, we just had the T & A show last Sunday - Fords, that is, and it was a success. We raised money for the West Salem Historical Society and had some fun doing it. Put it on your things to do list for next year.

Well, my 94 year old mother is still cleaning out old papers and she gave me this cartoon she cut out many years ago; I guess she thought I could relate to it. As any of you who grew up around farming know, when the vehicle tires wore out for highway use, they were relegated to the farm wagons. Back in 1963, my dad bought a brand new Ford half ton pickup, shiny black, 292 V8, with “three on the tree.” Being a lad of 17, with a fondness for “cool” vehicles, it didn’t take long for me to dump the “dog dish” hubcaps and put on a set of second hand four bar spinners. Now, I don’t know what that truck had for rear gears, but it would light up those rear tires like nobody's business. I still recall my dad looking at those tires and proclaiming that he would never buy another Firestone tire, “Eight ply tires and they are completely shot in 8,000 miles!” Wonder how that happened?!!

Fall may be upon us, but there are still opportunities to get some time behind the wheel of your Corvette: Stibbe’s ride and dine up to their cabin, the annual color run, and Tom Jerisha has an adventure planned out for us in October. Enjoy it before the snow flies.

Thanks to Claude and Judy for the anniversary cake and ice cream at the last meeting.

Hard to believe, but we have another couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. John and Susan Gesslein will be traveling to Italy to mark the occasion. Have fun kids!

See you at the next meeting, October 23rd at Schmidtys.

Save the Wave.

Dennis Schaper
RCC President

October 2016 Newsletter - September Meeting Notes

General Meeting: Attendance: Mark and Mary Swingle, Kris Kinder, Jon Cox, Charlie and Carol Britten, Tom and Mary Stibbe, Claude and Judy Mosley, Mavis Nicolai, Jim and Judy Rowley, Tom Jerisha, Dave and Kathy Fontanini, Jim Hubert, John Gesslein, Dennis and Cyndy Schaper.

Introduction of the new member: Kris Kinder

Meeting called to order by President Dennis Schaper.

Secretary’s Report: No report.

Treasurer’s Report: No report.

Governor’s Report: Membership dues are due next month.

Webmaster’s Report: John requested that when submitting items for the newsletter, please send him your info ASAP. Kudos to Dennis Schaper for the excellent President’s message each month…good job!

Event Chairperson:
There were 6 Corvettes from the club who went to LeClaire IA for the Vettes on the River event. It turned out to be a beautiful day with over 400 Corvettes participating.

The September Ride & Dine will be held on Sept. 24th with the overnight in Hayward and a visit to Tom & Mary Stibbe’s cabin. Dinner will be at Tom and Mary’s cabin on Saturday night.

The October Ride & Dine will be hosted by Tom Jerisha. The ride will be on Saturday, 10/22. More details to come in an email.

The Suburban Corvette Club will be hosting the annual Fall Color Run on Saturday, 10/8. The Fall Color Run will depart from Rowe Park in Onalaska at 10 am. The ride is approximately 84 miles long to the lunch spot and then approximately 69 miles back to La Crosse. The cost per person is $20.

The RCC year-end party will be held at the Freight House on Saturday, 11/19. Cocktails at 5:00 pm and dinner at 6:00 pm.

The Rotary Lights parade will be held on Friday, 11/25. Mark and Mary Swingle are working on this.

Old Business:
The new by-law regarding the sending of flowers/memorials to members and family members was reviewed.

A motion was made to approve the new guideline regarding the sending of flowers/memorials to RCC members and to their family members…second, approved.

The Boys and Girls club donation final amount from the car show was discussed.

A motion was made for the RCC club to donate $50 to each of the Octoberfest car show charities…Boys and Girls Club, Wafer, Freedom Honor Flight and Big Brothers Big Sisters…second, approved.

New Business:
The ladies luncheon will be held on Friday, 10/21 at 12:30 pm. Mary Swingle will email out more information.

Cyndy Schaper has offered to order new nametags for each of the members to be used at the membership meetings. She will bring the nametags to each of the meetings and after each meeting members will be asked to return their nametag to her.

Dave Fontanini had new RCC brochures printed.

Dessert was furnished by Claude and Judy Mosley in recognition of their 50th wedding anniversary. Congratulations to Claude and Judy!

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned by Dennis Schaper.

Next Meeting October 23rd at Schmidty’s.

Respectfully submitted,
by Kathy Fontanini

October Birthdays
Steve Mace 10/28
Kris Kinder 10/29

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